Friday, April 18, 2014

Finished a Fantastic Road Trip!

What a fantastic road trip this has been! So fun!!

Today I had a lot of rain during the drive. I needed to cover a lot of ground today so I had to alter the plan slightly and skip a few places. But here are the things I was able to visit.

Atlanta Georgia State Capitol Building

There was some construction at this capitol, but at least it wasn't entirely blocked off like yesterday's walk!

World of Coke Cola

I was running a little behind schedule so I wasn't able to stop long for a tour, but it was still fun to see what little I was able to. 

 Atlanta Georgia Temple

 Stormy, but gorgeous!!

 Birmingham Alabama Temple

 Mississippi & Lousiana

It was dark when I finally visited these states so the photos aren't great. Since I ran out of time I had to skip the 2 state capitols and the Baton Rouge LDS Temple. I'll have to catch them on another trip someday. I'm staying in New Orleans and then I'm flying back home to Utah!

And now I've finished 6 states that I needed, making my grand total to 36 States Visited! Only 14 more to visit!!

I think some wondered if I'd still like road trips after this trip, the answer... Absolutely! I loved being able to see more of the country. I decided that I really love more landscapes than the big city. The Southern states I can tell you are so beautiful!!

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